Asset Verification
When Operating Support Systems (OSS) lack the proper information to reflect the network in its logical form, or to realize true spare capacity on equipment, and facilities (T1 and higher), customer demand for increased bandwidth can go unfulfilled. D-Square’s Asset Verification service ensures that costly overbills can be avoided, for the short and long term, while confirmed spare capacity is present on the network. A successful analysis ensures completion of the following day to day network objectives:
  • Network builds
  • Grooms and/or Rolls
  • New Site built outs
  • New Circuit Installations
D-Square performs a complete review of the network and then captures equipment, and facility inventory accurately in an OSS. The Asset Verification service seeks to incorporate source documentation from Network Planning, Engineering, Operations, and Provisioning. Site Audits may also be required when source documentation is insufficient to complete the project.