Network Optimization and Supplier Assessment
Telecommunication costs now ranks in the top five expenses for most non-telecom companies; up from around No. 10 a decade ago. Companies can reduce telecom costs from 5% to 30% annually by selecting the most advantageous discount plans, negotiating lower rates, and efficiently configuring their networks. For telecom companies, managing network/access costs is the key to profitability.

D-Square’s highly skilled and experienced team specializes in Network Optimization and Vendor Assessment. The following list of services will assist in reducing your communication costs:

  • Network Configuration Review – A comprehensive review of all facilities is completed and recommendations made to optimize the network.
  • Vendor Assessment – A comparison of current network costs and vendor contracts is made to hundreds of other telecom service offerings.
  • Contract Negotiations – Many of the “best deals” in telecom resulted from difficult negotiations with service providers. D-Square’s staff will lead the negotiation process ensuring the lowest possible rates.