Telecommunication Invoice Verification

On a retrospective basis, this service reviews all line cost service and equipment invoices, Client’s Operating Support Systems, relevant tariffs, and contractual agreements to identify:

  • Incorrect billed rates
  • Inaccuracies from improper measurement of telephone usage
  • Discontinued or improperly installed equipment, facilities, circuits
  • Improper application or interpretation of governing telecommunication taxes, tariffs, contracts and surcharges


  • Significant refunds/credits for incorrect and improper billing
  • D-Square requires minimal assistance from Client’s staff
  • Ensures that going forward bills are corrected, resulting in monthly savings
  • Reduced operating expense through elimination of billing errors
  • Knowledge enhancement to Client’s staff
  • In tariff and contract applications.
  • In efficiently and effectively identifying, issuing and resolving claims.
  • In identifying which departments may provide pertinent information to support claims.
  • On the importance of utilizing Client’s Operating Support Systems to validate and verify billed facilities, circuits and equipment.

D-Square’s Fee

  • D-Square’s fee is on a success fee basis.