Data Integrity Of Operational Support Systems And Applications
Millions of dollars are spent each year on Information Technology. Organizations search for innovative ways to utilize Information Technology to better capture business transactions both as an administrative and business asset. In our highly fast-paced environment, companies face a never-ending challenge to ensure the proper utilization of these systems and applications in order to achieve accurate flow through order transactions. Verbal rather than written orders may soon be utilized to short cut established procedures. Ultimately, corruption of data occurs, affecting network utilization, billable revenue, spare capacity, and historical data reporting. More crucially, response times to customer needs are adversely affected due to delays in provisioning or trouble ticket resolution.

D-Square can be the solution in assuring clean and accurate data by performing an audit of your OSS and related applications. Data Integrity Audits are necessary when seeking to enhance the performance of an existing OSS/Application or prior to a data migration, to a new OSS/Application. Implementing a new OSS/Application does not automatically correct corrupt and/or missing data. Only a clearly defined Data Integrity Audit performed by D-Square can ensure accurate data.