Governmental Agencies

Throughout the United States, governmental agencies at all levels are responsible for maintaining, supporting, and operating secure telecommunication private networks for its users. With these networks in place, users can communicate and collaborate among and between various agencies in a secure environment. Often these agencies require Telecommunication Consulting services to either reduce cost, implement new support systems and applications, optimize network capacity, or to order, coordinate, and manage new network builds. D-Square specializes in offering governmental agencies the following services:

  • Asset Verification Documents the installed network elements, and network utilization at all sites. Identifies spare capacity for future growth, and captures equipment and facility inventory accurately in an OSS.
  • Telecommunication Invoice Verification 80% of all invoices rendered by telecom companies contain erroneous billing. Within the past five years, D-Square identified and favorably resolved over-billings exceeding $45,000,000 for its Clients.
  • Project Management Utilizing skilled Project Management resources, at the initiation of a installation, migration, audit, or provisioning project ensures, both the completion of the project within the agreed timeline, and achieves the planned results.
  • Data Integrity Accurate data is a key component of any successful application.
  • Telecom Audit Center (TAC)- Reduce annual telecommunication cost, improves accounting, and enhances reporting tools.
  • Method and Procedures Process documentation can ensure seamless transition of work responsibilities between departments during corporate reorganizations.
  • Circuit Ordering Professional ordering of critical communication circuits ensures effective design, pricing, and network reliability.
  • Network Optimization Ensures identification of underutilized circuits, and equipment. Establishes least cost routing for voice and data traffic.
  • Network Supplier Assessment Ensures that you receive the most favorable pricing, and terms and conditions for new or existing communication services.
  • System Integration and Migration Combines the services of Data Integrity, Methods and Procedures, and Project Management to ensure an accurate and timely system transition.
  • In-Building Wireless Design Service - Utilizing experienced RF Engineers to design a reliable wireless solution for your building or area.

D-Square provides the following services.